Sunday, September 28, 2014

Text, words, the artistic chalky way!

Hi everyone, Desiree here! Haven't you heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words? Well maybe its worth more if the text and words are also added to the artwork!

I love text in art, art made from text and text on fabric too! Its all good. It can tell a story, add to a painting or even be the painting.

I thought for fun I would share some chalkboard art with you!! It is all the rage and so easy to do! I have several tutorials on my blog about different ways to create your own chalkboard art. I will post the links at the end of this post. Its a way to use your sketches and text to create wonderful signs, menus, etc. Here are some basic chalkboard backgrounds, green, blue and black. It think the resolution is high enough you should be able to download but if not I can post a link or you can easily make your own if you have a photo editing software. These work well for online cards or messages. I made my background in photoshop and on a different layer I added text and sketches. But there are so many different ways to do it! Here are just some fun examples with Halloween coming up its a great way to do your menus!

I then did some sketches and changed them to white, with the smug tool I smudged them to look like chalk.
 Make sure you pick some scary fonts and images if your doing Halloween Menus

 You can always do nice saying too! This is a saying I wrote for other cards I made also.

A fun project that I was licensed to create for wall art.

These are fun ways to create chalkboard art via your computer but…. you can make some great chalkboard art using chalkboard and chalkboard pens!! Here are the tutorials I promised. Have fun!!! I hope you will sign up to follow my blog while you are there! Text and art is such fun!

Here is the link to my sketching blog where I have a weekly challenge to keep you motivated to sketch more often! Join me and post you sketches right on my blog!

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