Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Words about Fall, and other Things

Jamie Fingal checking in on 'words.'  I love using words in my work!  I have something to say!  Above is a 12x12 art quilt, that is in the process of being made, with houses, drawings and 'community' - made from my fabric line with Hoffman Fabrics.  The particular fabric is all about 'words' and was originally a watercolor.  Words and color make my world go-round!

Heart and Soul, another 12x12 art quilt, using the text fabric from my line

A watercolor of words about 'Fall,' outlined with a fine line Sharpie and painted with watercolors on watercolor paper.  The splendor of color in Fall.

also about 'Fall' which isn't in Southern California yet, but I am looking forward to it when it finally gets here.  A good book, a cup of coffee and autumn leaves.

I love to paint on tags, and these are about 3x6" and I bought them from ULINE.  I used a fine line Sharpie and watercolor paint.  I really like these tags, because they are white, and most of the tags that I've painted on are manila.  They say alot about the things that I am feeling.  What do you have to say?  Bring on the words!

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  1. OH, is THIS the September 2014 challenge/theme? just wondering because i couldnt find a record link for SEPT 2014 on theme page. Thank you ;D