Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Theme

Hello everyone!
Carol Sloan here, bringing you this month's theme.

Our theme will be “trees” this month.

It's no secret that I love trees.
For climbing, sitting under, sitting in, collecting leaves, picking up bark and acorns (or fruits).
I love to photograph them, paint them and draw them.
I've created several series of artwork around the topic of trees.

If you spend more than one or two minutes looking around my blog, you will see that I spend a lot of time drawing or painting trees.

I have several thermofax screens in my shop that have pieces of a tree on them –  several different leaves and stems.
You may even find one or two drawings of a complete tree in there.

One of my Etsy shop customers requested a Christmas tree thermofax screen to use in making Christmas cards.

I sketched out several quick tree ideas for her, then ask her to let me know which ones she wanted me to “flesh out” for her. Here's a look at the preliminary sketches.

The following are a few of them that I sketched in my sketchbook as potential designs.

Whether you draw a life-like tree or a stylized one, you could draw your own tree for use on a card or use it as a reason to get in some sketching time.
Either way - pull that sketchbook out and get to sketching!

Please share your images from this months theme in The Sketchbook Challenge Flickr Group, and don't forget to tag it with the code oct489 so it can be included in the end of month slide slow on this blog.


  1. I love all your trees Carol - great theme!

    1. Thank you Sue! I had a few more but didn't want to bog the blog down. Now to get the images into my Etsy shop...

  2. I so love trees as well. Great subject to work on :-)

    1. Thank you Elizabethanne! I love drawing trees almost as much as sitting under them!

  3. Hi Carol my first time playing here. I posted to flickr and this is my blog post:
    I love trees too :)

    1. Thank you for joining us here Sue! There is a TON of great tutorials, tips and ideas in the blog posts- take your time looking through the entire blog.