Friday, November 7, 2014

Capturing Fall Colors

Hi Everyone, Desiree Here!! I love this months theme, thank you Leslie! This is also one of my favorite times of the year, FALL! The warm colors, the changing leaves, crisp night air all come together to remind us that the holidays are close at hand. Although I live in southern California, I planted trees that are known to color up in our area.
Here are some of the leaves I have collected during Fall.
I sketch and paint them onto fabric

I stitch them onto fabric

We get just enough of a cold snap to encourage the leaves to perform their magic. During this short magical time I take every opportunity to capture their transformation from green to their wonderful shades of Fall.
I sketch them and let the paint dance across the paper, running with color and water across the surface, trying to capture this blast of color that is so fleeting.
No two leaves are alike, much like us! Each uniquely different and yet beautiful!

A page in my sketchbook from a windy fall day. I remember driving down the street and seeing the leaves dancing across the street in a wild show of color. I thought up this poem as I watched them dance across the road in front of my car. 

Keeping a sketchbook is like freezing a moment in time and recording it, I remember everything about that day because of my sketchbook page. I can't wait to see what wonderful leaves you will paint this Fall!
Rejoice, Fall is here!


  1. Beautiful!!!! What art supplies are you using to sketch and paint onto fabric???

    1. Thanks! I am using inktense pencils, I will offering it as an online class soon so check back on my blog!