Friday, November 28, 2014

Leafing Through My Sketchbooks

Jamie Fingal signing on.  This week I actually cleaned out my Sketchbook shelf that was literally spilling over.  It was time to see what was there and reorganize.  This is my shelf of sketchbook that have substance in them. I admit it, I am a sketchbook hoarder, but my addicction was caught in time, and now mostly draw in a small Moleskin Journal, like the ones on the right.   I found some treasured thoughts and drawings, that would be good for this months theme of leaves.

Leaves cascading through another scene of objects inspired by the West Elm catalog

From the backyard with the hummingbird feeder

A simple circle of leaves

Leaves behind windows

Leaves in a small mixed media book that I made out of a tall and narrow calendar

Shoe art.  Not a sketchbook in a literal sense, but a sketch or doodle on a pair of high heels.

More leaves

and even more

and the not finished zen doodle shoes

and from 2011, when the Sketchbook Challenge started, some leaves from the theme of one of those months, with leaves and other fun stuff.

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