Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Jackie here with more from my leaf sketchbook, we have a lot of these dotty leaves around at the moment, I really like the black spots although they are probably  some sign of disease in the tree. Lots of inspiration from the lovely colours of autumn leaves as you can see from the previous posts and ways to use them in your sketchbooks.

 I took a photograph and then used the background colours and the leaf shape made into a ‘brush’ on the computer.

I also used the ‘Glaze’ app on the ipad to work on the basic images and these were then printed out to make a concertina fold out in my sketchbook.

Earlier in the summer I placed fine muslin over fern leaves and rolled over them with black fabric paint. The leaves were then cut out and machined onto a background which I had patterned in a similar way by rolling paint over various textured surfaces.

So make the most of the leaves all around.


  1. I really like your work! The fine lines are amazing!

  2. Your fold out if fabulous! And thank you for the Glaze app tip. I've just downloaded it and look forward to trying it out. I'm thinking it will lead me to some actual glazing on clay inspirations.