Monday, December 15, 2014

Just a few tidbits I learned along the way...

Hi! It's Deborah Boschert. What a delight it has been to participate in The Sketchbook Challenge! I've really discovered that I like using a sketchbook AND there is no right way to do so. You know that, right? It really is true.

One of my favorite posts was from the Into the Woods theme in November 2013. I set myself a challenge of drawing a tree each day of our nine day summer road trip. Here are my "nine trees."

I really enjoy doing a daily challenge, but I definitely am most successful if I keep the time period relatively short. Nine days is totally doable!

Another thing I discovered that I really prefer... just black pen. I know lots of people use markers, water color paints, collage and all kinds of other materials. Since I really do only "sketch" in my sketch books, pen and ink is comfortable and adequate.

And lastly, another wonderful thing about sketchbooks is paging through them again and again. It's a wonderful way to remember ideas, events, places and possibilities. Just like paging through the archives of this blog. Goodness! So much inspiration! Even though we won't be posting, it will always be here as an incredible resource. I know I'll be checking back regularly. I hope you will too.


  1. I know I will miss it terribly. As a beginner to journaling, I wonder where I will go for encouragment and motivation.

  2. I always create my pictures with the pen. It's usually red, but sometimes I use black one. It's better to show the lines with the black pen, isn't it?