Thursday, December 18, 2014

What The Sketchbook Challenge Has Meant to Me

Jamie Fingal checking in.  This was my first drawing on The Sketchbook Challenge in the very beginning in 2011. I have learned so much and been inspired by the other artists, as well as, the artists who follow along and post their work to the Flickr site.  Friendships have been made, and strengthened over the years. It has been great fun!  Being part of TSC has led me back to my roots of drawing and painting with watercolors. Here are some of my favorite posts over the years!
I have used many, many manila tags for my art.  This happens to be one of my favorite ones. I made three girls, and then interchanged their heads and bodies to create what you see here.

An accordian tag book of houses

A house book, using one of those cardboard books, stencils, and acrylic paint.  You could see through the windows to see my little drawings

words on a page

Tags of some of my favorite objects from my parents house

Having my work in The Sketchbook Challenge book by Sue Bleiweiss
A page from my sketchbook

Painting with watercolors

The bowl theme from my Moleskin Storybook Sketchbook

These drawings led me to create my first fabric line  in 2013 for Hoffman Fabrics 'Home is Where Your Story Begins"
I am a stencil artist for Stencil Girl Products.  This one is a sewing themed stencil for Stencil Girl Products - exclusive club for June 2014. One of the many versions that I made with this 9x12 stencil

More stencil designs - love these dresses!  You can view my entire collection here

The Moleskin Storybook Sketchbook.  I have started number 5.
And now here is where I am. Fabric line #2 'Heart and Soul Sisters' which is all about being bold, brave and strong. My girls are there, my words, drawings and a funky quilt. See my Twisted Sister blog for more info about my fabric line. Being part of The Sketchbook Challenge has brought me where I am today.  It has been such a pleasure to be part of this amazing project over the years.  Thank you for your inspiration, encouragement, and for following along with us! 


  1. Jamie, I would love a coloring book of your sketches!

  2. I hope the coloring book was done- I would like one!