Friday, December 28, 2018

3 days to go...

We're only 3 days away from the kick off for The 2019 Sketchbook Challenge re-boot!  I am really excited about getting to see all your sketches - I think we are going to have a lot of fun sketching together every day.  I'll be posting my sketches on the Sketchbook Challenge instagram page and the facebook page and I'll be using the hashtags #dailydraw2019 #thesketchbookchallenge and #drawingwithsueb so make sure you tag your posts with those hashtags too.  You can also post photos of your sketches on the The Sketchbook Challenge facebook page as a reply to any of the posts there if you're not on Instagram (which is free and very easy to use by the way so you might want to consider it). 

Now I know that the idea of a daily challenge can be daunting and can get overwhelming pretty quickly especially when you miss a day so let me just say this to you:  This challenge is supposed to be fun.  It's not supposed to add any stress or angst to your life (we've all got enough of that these days) so if you miss a day or two here and there, it's okay.  Don't let it derail you from staying with the challenge and continuing with it.  Just pick up your pencil and jump back in whenever you can.

Now as far as what to sketch that's up to you.  I have found that sticking to sketching something from my day - something I did, saw, experienced, ate - whatever is working really well for me.  Even something as mundane as doing the laundry can make a fun subject to sketch.  For me, this approach keeps the challenge limited in scope which helps keep it from getting overwhelming.   I am using one dedicated sized sketchbook (my favorite 5" square one) and I will only do my daily challenge sketches in this book throughout the year starting a new one each time I run out of pages. 

Can't wait to see your sketchbook pages!  If you have gotten a head start on the challenge don't forget to use hashtags #dailydraw2019 #thesketchbookchallenge and #drawingwithsueb  

Also: don't forget that the giveaway I am hosting is still open for comments so you still have time to get in on it!   Click here to get the details!