How the Challenge Works

Here's how the relaunch of the Sketchbook Challenge - daily draw 2019 beginning 1/1/2019 works:

The goal is to spend 15 -30 minutes (more if you have it) a day creating a small sketch that represents something from your day.  Could be anything.  Maybe you got your hair cut so you draw a hairdryer and a pair of scissors.  Maybe you went grocery shopping or baked a cake.  Or maybe you just looked out the window and saw a pretty tree or bird so you draw that.  Just keep it simple so that you don't get overwhelmed by the process. 

It’s up to you whether or not you want to share photos of your pages but if you do use the hashtag “drawingwithsueb” or “dailydraw2019” so we can find each others drawings easily.  You can also post on the Sketchbook Challenge Facebook page here and there's also a Sketchbook Challenge Instagram account that you can follow now.

 How the original challenge worked back in 2011.... 

In January of 2011 a group of artists came together and started The Sketchbook Challenge as a way to encourage others to open up their sketchbooks and discover what they knew: that the sketchbook can be one of the most value tools in your artistic tool box.

A new theme was posted on the first day of each month and participants uploaded photos to their own blogs or the Sketchbook Challenge flicker page (which doesn't exist anymore).  Here's a list of the themes that we used: